Wednesday, May 20, 2020
"A Black Belt is a White Belt who never quit".

Adirondack Taekwondo Form Tutorials on YouTube

We are so thankful that our YouTube tutorial videos have been available for years. Our students have used them to help with color belt testing and rank testing. Please use the link below to get ready for next weeks Taekwondo Color belt test.


Color Belt test May 26, 27 & 28, 2020 Testing Times will be announced this Monday, May 25, 2020 once ALL students register for the test. Please email Master Yuhasz at: to register. Testing fee's can be processed this Thursday, May 21 by calling the Taekwondo School at 518-373-0442 from 1pm-3:00pm.

Students who have an opportunity to test for their new belts this May include the following students. The online test format for students assessment includes the following:

  • Attending our zoom classes twice a week
  • Practicing their current form on our YouTube channel FIVE times a week. This takes a total of ONLY 5-8 min a day and will ensure that our students are very familiar with their current form to test.
  • Testing includes: Basic sitting stance hand techniques, kicking techniques, current form and four self defense techniques (Single shoulder grab, wrist grab, twin should grab from behind and the choke from behind) there will be two kick sparring but no physical sparring. Board breaking will be performed back at the Taekwondo School when social distancing is lifted.

Currently the following students are eligible to test this May. If your child would like to test and isn't on the following test list please email Master Yuhasz at: to talk about the possibilities of testing.

Grasshoppers: Owen M, Owen P, Kaitlyn F.

Children: Bruce S, Kyle F, Vincent C, Emma P, Gavin T, James N, Ellie R, Jonas V, Chase B, Drew B, Nate B, Ella T, Liam M, Xenia L, Jonathan H, Luca V, Mila F, David H, Ashli W, William C, Kaiden G, Melanie C, Benjamin H, Xander D.

Adults: Madison C, Elizabeth V, Allan P, Jon B

The Perseverance Stripe

The real heroes are at the hospitals helping families along with all the essential workers who help keep our communities running each and every day.

In recognition of the above families and our Taekwondo students who have been attending our virtual classes on zoom and FB Live. We will have our students earn a RED PERSEVERANCE STRIPE on their Taekwondo belts. This is a sign of respect and thanks to all the families who are on the front lines daily. Yes, Black Belts may earn this stripe as well.

In addition this stripe will remind our students that they have the perseverance of a Taekwondo Black Belt as we continue to move forward in our Taekwondo journey's.

As you know we cannot stop by your home and award these stripes. Therefore, we can award the Perseverance Stripe when we return. Or if you happen to have red electrical tape in your home and would like to award your children with this red stripe we would be honored to see them with their new Perseverance Stripe. After all, it's our families that are making this happen together. Thank you.  

Thank you for making us part of your day

Over the past month we have had many of our families reach out to us. Thanking us for helping their children and families keep a since of normalcy in their days. But the truth is, we wanted to say, "Thank you". Thank you, for your love of our Taekwondo program and the character building that Taekwondo fosters. Our family will continue to do everything we can do to help you reach your health and fitness goals through this season.

Warmly The Yuhasz family and our Team of Black Belts


Our students are very special to us

If you are planning on a Birthday Car Parade for your children during this challenging time. We would love to be part of their special day. We can create a birthday video and post it on our ADK TKD LIVE page or even participate in the birthday parade. Please let us know how we can be part of your children's special day by emailing Master Yuhasz at:

October 23 & 24, 2020 Black Belt Test

With having to adjust schedules we wanted to let our fall Black Belt Candidates know that we are planning on hosting our Black Belt Test October 23 & 24, 2020. All students who are due to test for their Black Belts this October should have received a test letter in with the requirements.

Zoom Class Schedule


We are happy to announce that we added a new class for our Taekwondo students and families. Please download the PDF file for our new class schedule during our mandatory social distance guidelines.


  • Zoom meeting numbers -
    • 3:30pm White - Green meeting number: 315-410-635 (same number and password that we have been using)
    • 4:30pm High Green-Red meeting number: 954-6658-4212 (new number and new password)
    • 5:30pm High Red - Black meeting number: 519-172-254 (same number and password)
    • 3:00pm Wednesday's PTA / Bring a friend basic class: meeting number: 920-716-4737 (password on FB ADK TKD LIVE)

Stripe Testing for our black stripes next week on zoom

Our students love to see their progress. We found that as our students are continuing to work on their Taekwondo journey towards Black Belt, they are excited to earn their stripes. We have created an online stripe tracker. Please use the following pdf file for your children or yourself to maintain your Taekwondo progress. Please remember that we are tracking attendance on zoom for our students to progress in belt rank.


Wednesday's at 3:00pm we are hosting a Bring-A-Friend and PTA Taekwondo Lesson on Zoom!
We didn't realize that our free community class on Wednesday's would turn into a friend "chat session". After a few basic Taekwondo techniques in our community class there was a natural conversation that made our students and their friends smile while sharing Taekwondo.

Please join us this Wednesday for our Taekwondo class as a fun way to exercise while practicing social distancing. This is a great way to see your friends in Taekwondo! We also reached out to Shenendehowa's PTA's and a few on the schools will be joining us as well.

Please share this zoom meeting number for our 3:00pm Character Building Community Classes with your friends. Zoom meeting number: 920-7160-4737. Families looking to join our classes NEED to email Master Yuhasz at; for the password.

We are so thankful for your support.
We had over eighty (80) families watching our lessons so far. Please share our lessons on social media.
Regarding memberships we appreciate our families trusting us by accepting our online program, Facebook ADK TKD LIVE and ZOOM and our YouTube series until we get back on the mat. This situation places a great strain on small businesses and we have been forced to close for the time being, many small business will not be able to able to recover. Please understand, I personally guarantee every family will be completely satisfied upon recovering from this situation.
Master Yuhasz and family
A letter from the Yuhasz family

School Information
Class Schedule
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Student Handbook
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Student Test Form
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Reading Club
The Adirondack Martial Arts Center's Superstars Reading Club is designed to promote and improve students reading skills thoughout the year.
Reading Club Form
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There's A Party Goin' On!

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Call (518) 373.0442 to schedule your party today!

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