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May 2018 eNewsletter


Breaking Championship canceled

We had just under 100 students compete in our board breaking series during the winter months. This Fridays championship is canceled BUT we have tallied our points and know who is the 2018 Grand Champion. We will make that announcement next week in classes.

All classes are in session this Friday. We look forward to seeing you and your family.

Summer t-shirts

Thank you for placing a summer t-shirt order. Please stop by the pro-shop by this Friday to pay for the t-shirts.

Black Belt Training Class Wednesday's at 7:45pm

Starting next Wednesday May 23, 2018 we are hosting Black Belt training. This class will focus on Black Belt techniques only including: Brick Breaking, Knife fighting and much more. We can't wait to see all our Black Belts. 

Sincerely Accept a Compliment, Completely Brush Off an Insult


Just after our last successful belt promotion, I was approached by the grandparents of a newly-promoted brown belt. They thanked me profusely, telling me, "This has been the best thing for their grandson." and they meant it. I thanked them and quickly changed the subject (sometimes I'm uncomfortable with compliments - sometimes :-). I sensed something different about their energy and then I realized - fortunately, before it was to late - that I hadn't fully accepted their compliment. They were giving me a gift, the gift of thanks, and I had only half-heartedly accepted it.

I quickly turned the conversation back to their grandson, and how much their kind words meant to me. I sincerely thanked them for sharing their feelings with me and I'm sure they went away feeling good about the conversation.

Long ago when our Maddie was in pre-school there was a little girl in her class named Maria (not her real name), who was a real handful. We're all familiar with the term "the Terrible Twos" regarding the behavior of two-year-olds. Well, Maria fits into "the Thick-Headed Fours" category. At one point she said, "I love being bad."

One day apparently several kids were ganging up on her in a verbal assault over her inability to share a "red tricycle". They were calling her every name that a group of four-year-olds could come up with. Serious things were said that would normally be enough to draw tears, or at least cause sand to be thrown in response.

But it had no effect on Maria! She simply looked up and responded, with complete congruency, "I don't care what you guys say to me because I just brush it off." She said while make the gesture with her hand, like you would if a spider was on your shoulder. They she rode away carefree on the red tricycle.

So, what's the moral of the story? Going forward, we should really try to accept compliments when they come our way. And at the same time, we should do our best to brush off any unwarranted negativity directed at us. Next time you find yourself being called a childish name or the age-appropriate equivalent, just ask yourself, "What would Maria do?"  

Black Belt Testing!


Black Belt Testing Spring 2018

Congratulations to everyone who tested for first, second & third degree Black Belt this past weekend. Special thanks to all our guest Masters and Grandmasters! Graduation is Friday May 4, 2018 at 5:30pm. As a reminder all Black Belts who missed this testing must test on Thursday May 10th with the adult rank test.


Color Belt Testing Times & Dates

All students who are rank testing need to download their test applications and return them to the Taekwondo School by Monday May 7, 2018. There are no classes when testing is in session. We look forward to seeing you and your families at next weeks test.

All Black Belts are encouraged to sign-up at the pro-shop to help share their knowledge as a judge during our color belt test.   

Acrobat PDF FileStudent Test Application

Testing Times & Dates

  • Tuesday May 8, 2018
    • Yellow, Orange & Green children 5:30-6:15pm
    • H.Green & Blue belt children 6:30-7:15pm
  • Wednesday May 9, 2018
    • All Grasshoppers & children white belts 5:30-6:15pm
    • H. Blue, Purple & H. Purple children 6:30-7:15pm
  • Thursday May 10, 2018
    • Black Belts, All Adults & children red-H. brown 5:45pm - until
  • Graduation Friday May 11, 2018
    • All Grasshoppers - green belt children 5:30-6:15pm
    • Children H. Green and up including all adults 6:30pm

It's time to order your families summer t-shirts

Each year we order summer t-shirts for our students to wear during the summer months. This year's t-shirts will be a special blue sports wicking material with a new design. T-shirts are $20 and pre-order only. Please place your order at the pro-shop.  

Congratulations to our Student of the Month

May's Student of the Month is Alex R. he's has been working hard in all his Taekwondo classes, showing improvement all while maintaining great grades in school! Congratulations! 

CIT / Jr. Instructors Tuesday May 22, 2018 @ 6:30pm

We are so excited that our Jr. Instructors have been helping on the Taekwondo floor! They have been holding targets, helping younger belts with stretching and demonstrating techniques on the Taekwondo floor. Congratulations on furthering your personal Taekwondo journeys!

Our next training is Tuesday May 22, 2018 at 6:30pm. We look forward to seeing everyone here.


Ms. Gibson as a white belt. Today she's a 2nd degree Black Belt and helping in our classes!


Taekwondo Summer Camp August 20 - 24, 2018

Our Taekwondo Summer Camps are the BEST and this year is no different. We will be hosting a special week of field trips where school buses will be taking us to various "hot spots" in the capital region. We will be rock climbing, bowling, go-kart racing, playing mini-golf and going to Lake George for ice cream and a ride on the Mini-HAHA! Our mornings will be filled with Taekwondo training, videos and arts and crafts including: making slime, building catapults, egg drops and more!

This year we have changed our summer camp policy. As always we need a minimum twenty-five (25) students registered to host the camp. This year we have limited our camp to forty (40) students, siblings and friends. Since we will be going on field trips everyday the camp must be paid in full at the time of registration and there are NO refunds (in the past we have had to cancel our camp due to families making other vacation plans). Adirondack Taekwondo Summer Camp fee: $300 per student, $100 discount for two family members. Last day to register is Friday June 1, 2018.

The camp fee includes all  transportation, field trips and activities here in the Taekwondo School. Students should bring lunch daily or they will need pocket money for ice cream and snacks at our field trips. 

Acrobat PDF FileSummer Camp Registration   

Mr. Harris 3rd degree Black Belt & business owner

Mr. Harris owns a lawn care business in Clifton Park. Families who need a spring clean up or lawn cutting can reach him at (518) 477-3181.

Cards for a Cause Fundraiser

As many of our families know we have been supporting St. Jude's Children Research Hospital for many years. This season Ms. Julie Fluty has set us a cards with a cause fundraiser. Each box is only $32.10. That's $1.07 per card and 43% will go directly to benefit St. Jude.

Please visit the parents lobby for flyers and order forms or order on line at

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Reading Club
The Adirondack Martial Arts Center's Superstars Reading Club is designed to promote and improve students reading skills thoughout the year.
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There's A Party Goin' On!

Are you & your family looking for your child's next great birthday party? Then look no further. We offer fun party packages for families in the Clifton Park area.

Call (518) 373.0442 to schedule your party today!

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